Travel Troubles

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It is yet again time for me to rant about the indignities of air travel and the ways we can try, however futile it might seem, to make it a little bit easier.  Amid the modernity and sparkling facade of the Heathrow in the picture, is apparently the airport I flew into.  The glittering glass panes were always in sight, but just out of reach.

After waiting for half an hour at the gate with no word from our crew, and mutiny clearly on the horizon,  us steerage passengers were informed that there would be buses waiting outside the plane to take us to the terminal.  The next forty five minutes or so involved a crammed bus ride, terrible body odor, long walks, dozens of stairs, and a customs-hall-under-construction.  Luckily I made it out alive, in one piece, and not too much worse for wear.

Now the helpful part.  Often I travel with my full-size umbrella, carrying it on the plane.  Luckily I left it at home in favor of picking up a small travel brolly here in London.  That fortuitous decision, paired with my choice of lightweight layers and comfortable loafer made things slightly more bearable.  Schlepping big items or heavy bags around in hot, uncomfortable clothes is just madness.  Keep things simple.  A laptop bag or briefcase, a small duffel or trolly, a lightweight scarf and/or cardigan, a pair of your more full-cut trousers, and a soft, comfortable shirt will see you through.  You don’t want anything bunching, squeezing, or constricting, and you most certainly don’t want to be the guy trying to get the v-neck over his head without waking up the neighbor.

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