Simply Refined

Here you won’t be educated on how to live like a “real man,” but rather how to live like a gentleman.  No movie stars in tiny wet bikinis and no $3000 pyjama suits; things that last a lifetime, not a season.  A gentleman doesn’t just dress with style, he lives with style.  What’s on his bookshelf and in his glass are just as important as what is tied around his neck.  And he knows that above all else, graciousness, generosity, and passion are at the true heart of elegance.

The Editor

Stephen Pulvirent has always been interested in style.  Growing up, names like Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers were bywords for elegance and living well in his family.  After a few months in London, which were spent mostly wandering Savile Row, the various Arcades, and the labyrinthine streets of St. James’s, Stephen got the idea for Simply Refined as a way to share his passion for classic style and savoir vivre.  He has since served as Contributing Editor at Finch’s Quarterly Review, written for a variety of popular men’s style blogs including A Suitable WardrobeGentleman’s Gazette, and Style Sage, as well as having contributed to DeparturesBloomberg BusinessWeek, GQ, and The Rake.  Currently he is based in Brooklyn, NY.


Credit: Rose Callahan