Styleforum Shoes/No Shoes – Really guys?

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Derek from Die, Workwear! tweeted the other day about this post on Styleforum in which people are debating whether or not it is appropriate for people to ask you to take off your shoes in their homes.  And as you’d expect, there have been a number of less-than-stellar replies…

The discussion does though bring up a much bigger problem than whether or not to wear your shoes into someone’s house.  Some people need to chill a little bit over their clothes.  Clothes are just clothes guys.  Seriously, I promise.

I love my clothes just as much as the next guy.  Believe me, I carefully roll/hang my ties after taking them off, I anal-retentivly attempt to maintain my trouser creases, and on more than one occasion have given myself pretty nasty blisters polishing my shoes until they are just so.  But I still know that at the end of the day they are just things.  Yes, some of them expensive hand-made things deserving respect and that I would like to have around for quite a while, but things nonetheless.

So do I get upset and let it ruin my day if a pair of Pantherellas get some gunk on them from a buddy’s floor?  Do I risk putting someone out by trying to convince them to let me keep my kicks on despite their request?  Do I have a panic attack over my loafers sitting in a foyer without trees for an hour or two?  No, I live my life and enjoy the company of the people I’m with.  Isn’t that why I got dressed in the first place?

Dressing is inherently a social thing and one of the best things about great artisan clothes is that they’re beautiful things you get to live your life in.  So if you’re that worried about a scuff or stain, buy and painting and hang it on your wall behind some glass instead of walking around in a pair of hand-made shoes.

Finally, I’m going to play the respect card.  Funny thing how those who try to claim they are just showing respect towards the clothes they’ve purchased are the first to curse and swear at people for their customs and preferences.  Yes, a beautiful piece of craft-work deserves respect, but so do people and many on the internet seem to forget this.

So before you tell someone the way they grew up or the way they choose to live is stupid and that they have no right to make you soil your socks, check back into reality, ok, and realize we’re just talking about shoes here.

Above image from The Armoury Lightbox

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