Horween Shell Cordovan Video

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I stumbled upon this video from Horween just yesterday and had to post it here.  By the twelfth minute, my mouth was watering for some Alden #8 captoe boots.

A professor of mine wore a couple-year-old pair of #8 wingtip boots to a recent department event, and I must admit to spending a large part of the evening trying to answer the following two questions: 1) Were they my size? and 2) How could I best get them off his feet without his noticing?

A number of smaller shops and outfits have recently begun making accessories out of the envy-worthy hides, and in more colors than only the usual #8 and black.  Since, as you can see in the video, you really don’t get much usable leather per shell, it’s great that people are finding ways to use all the leftover bits.  Less waste is never a bad thing.  Makr and VooDoo both make wallets and iPad cases (with the latter’s offerings being far more affordable), while Leffot makes a “moneyclip” of sorts, along with watchstraps and belts.  The stuff seriously lasts forever, and will only get better with age.  Enjoy.


  1. Anthony
    April 9, 2011

    Love the video. Shell cordovan is an amazing leather. You are correct in saying it will last forever, and just gets better with age. My only suggestion is to make sure you occassionally use some Venetian Cream on it, to preserve it's lustre and suppleness.


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