Finickey Online – For Fathers (And Sons) With Taste

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There are a million guides out there to help you shop for Father’s Day. Each Dad is different and I won’t even try this year to give you a bunch of options. Instead, I’m going to highlight one newcomer to the online scene that I’m particularly excited about: Finickey has launched its online store. Perfect timing.

I’ve written before about American haberdasher Finickey, and have been a big fan since I first saw the products last summer. Founder Anthony T has been in the men’s clothing business for a few decades and has taste coming out his ears. I won’t say that about just anyone. For years Anthony sold his neckwear, hosiery, etc., appointment only around the New York City area, but now he’s got a proper online store and the rest of us can get his goods.

The ties are a perfect example of something done simple and done well. They’re your basic three-fold construction, made in the United States, and only done up in the highest quality cloth. Like I said, simple but great. Maybe not right for this time of year, but I have a burgundy wool tie from Anthony that I wear as often as possible in the winter. One of the biggest draws for Finickey’s ties is their 3 1/2 inch width. A tough thing to find in these slimmed-down times, but a classic.

Then there are the shirts. The first time I met Anthony was through a mutual friend who owns a men’s clothing store. Our friend tried on one of Anthony’s shirts and literally refused to take it off. He bought it on the spot. The large spread collar on the ginghams feels very Italian, while the button down is as American as it gets. Any readers of Simply Refined will know I’m fanatical about full-roll button downs, and Finickey’s pass the test. I’ve got one on the way for myself right now.

The best thing is there is more on the way. It won’t do you much good for Father’s Day, but I’m assured that there is a tightly curated selection of tailored clothing on the way in the not-too-distant future. Some of the best value clothing around these days is coming from small, stylish haberdashers, and Finickey is no exception.


  1. Sofie
    June 6, 2012

    Thanks for inspiration! I really like your blog!

  2. John Hyatt
    June 14, 2012

    Stephen’s take on both Anthony T. and his products is spot on! He truly is one of the “tastiest” guys you’ll ever meet. And this is coming from the guy who introduced him.


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