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One of the perks of working where I am this summer is that my day begins with a stroll down Savile Row on the way to the office. It’s inspiring to start each day by examining any changes made in the shop windows, and thinking about what is already going on in the workshops.

For businesses who, for the most part, didn’t have window displays until 30 years ago, these tailors have really learned to use them to their advantage. Rather than doing some gaudy, faux art instillation like many fashion brands, most of the time a simple coat or two suffices, beautifully framed by the well appointed interior of each shop. Right now, in particular, Norton & Sons has a blue double breasted coat standing proudly alone in the window, boldly declaring its superiority to any passer-by.

Huntsman, who’s window usually has some stuffed animal (and not the cuddly kind from when you were a kid) gazing out, has also launched a new website recently. Now I don’t know if this is what the designer was going for, but it has a very intimate shop-window-like feel to it. The website is elegant without distracting from the clothes, and I find it easy to use and easy to find what I am looking for. Check it out here and let me know if you agree.


  1. Brian R. Sheridan
    June 28, 2010

    Could you repost a larger pic when it is clicked upon? It is kind of hard to see the details.

  2. Stephen Pulvirent
    June 29, 2010

    This is an old picture, but I'll gladly stop by and snap the latest Huntsman window this evening. Thanks for the interest.


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