Supping in Saratoga Springs

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I mentioned recently that Simply Refined would be relocating to Chicago in the fall, but for the next few months we’ll be based in Saratoga Springs, NY.  I just moved up yesterday morning, and am living in a hotel in downtown Saratoga with my father until our apartment is ready later in the week.

Later this summer you can expect we’ll be featuring the world-famous Saratoga Racetrack, various symphonic and theatrical performances, and more from the New York area.

But, for now, my excitement is limited to some good room service.  After stopping by a local wine shop this afternoon and picking up a bottle of dry rosé from Provence I knew seafood was a requirement.  So, when I found out I could get oysters and seafood chowder sent right up I was elated.  The presentation was more self-serve than Sheekey’s, but the oysters were fresh and meaty, the chowder was more stew than soup, and the wine hit the mark perfectly.  If you’re not drinking rosé this time of year, you’re missing out.  The good stuff comes mostly from southern France, is bone dry but fruity, and makes the perfect companion to seafood, salads, and other warm-weather fare.  And at less than $15 for most offerings, you can afford that second half-dozen oysters.

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