Summer Smoke – Ardbeg

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Luckily the semester is over, exams are finished and final papers are handed in – more importantly, thesis prospectus is in, comprehensive exams are passed, and next year’s coursework is looking good. To celebrate, my mother spoiled me (as she usually does) with a fantastic bottle of whisky: Ardbeg Ten.
One of my first posts here on Simply Refined was about Compass Box Whisky Company and their exceptional and unusual blended scotch whiskies, and I have posted numerous cocktail recipes, but I am also a burgeoning single malt maniac. It has only been a year or so since I became interested in whisky, but since then I have taken every opportunity to try new things. A few days in Edinburgh provided quite a few special tasting opportunities, but we can get to those another time.

The Ardbeg Ten Year Old is one of my personal favorite whiskies. Complex, strong, peaty, smoky, and creamy all at once, the Ten is bottled at 46% ABV and is non chill filtered, helping it retain such a luscious, oily mouthfeel that you are still licking it off the insides of your lips an hour later. A small bit of water and you get something that smells like lemon/vanilla custard, and then warms up and blossoms into a seaside bonfire on your palate. Simply amazing. This may seen a bit like an Ardbeg advert, but I’m just too excited about this new bottle not to share. Next week I will be going home for a bit, and I am told there is a fresh Glenrothes 8 year old bottling waiting for me there – a totally different beast, but I’ll keep you up to date.

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