Mother’s Day Inspiration

Posted by: on May 9, 2011 | No Comments

Sadly I wasn’t able to spend Mother’s Day with my own fantastic mother this year, but I did get to spend it with my girlfriend and her wonderful mother.  After an early breakfast, we tried to beat the heat to the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  Despite your probable skepticism due to their being in Missouri, trust me they’re some of the best gardens in the country. 

It gave me a great chance to break out the brand spanking new camera, a Canon T2i, and collect color inspiration for the summer.  I love flowers, and not just when they’re in my buttonhole.  I’ve failed at keeping quite a few orchids (damned drafty apartment) and love the infinite array of colors and shapes nature provides us with.  I shot over a hundred different flowers, and came home with plenty of ideas for new color combination.

Now I just have to call up Michael Drake and find the ties to make this happen…

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