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A few weeks ago Caron Gabriel, half of the Marshall Anthony duo, reached out to me to see if I wanted to take a look at his tie collection. Well, in addition to looking at product, I ended up having a much longer conversation with the two gents and wanted to share it with Simply Refined’s readers.

First the conversation, then the tie:

Simply Refined: Could you please tell me how you first got the idea to start a men’s clothing brand?

Caron Gabriel: Marshall Anthony spawned from a simple desire for a suitable bow tie; a rare find in menswear. Subsequently, as our passion for fashion and style began to develop and flame, it became obvious that investing all of our energies into what had become our passion was the route that would change our lives and the lives of the persons we intend to influence. Marshall Anthony is our vision and dream for the modern gentleman.

SR: And why start with ties? Why, in particular, the type of ties you are doing?

Darhel Anthony: Ties are essential to a gentleman’s wardrobe; they are the mark of a well-dressed man. It is our belief that a man should be well dressed for more than just his occupational requisite. As such, we provide garments to compliment a distinguished yet casual look. This enables a gentleman to always dress elegantly and present his best.

SR: How do you see domestic manufacturing playing into Marshall Anthony as a brand?

DA: We believe in quality garments made with an artisanal approach. Handcrafting our ties in New York is essential to the authenticity of Marshall Anthony. In addition, with the shift of the global economy, people desire to get more for their money; they want a visible trail of exactly where their money is going and why.

SR: What sorts of things inspire you when creating ties?

DA: Our neckwear collections are seasonally based. We have and will continue to introduce staple garments, but our collections are designed for and with the natural weather change from season to season in mind. This inspiration is seen through color pallets and textures that will enhance a gentleman’s attire and elegantly keep him in harmony with his environment.

Though a tie is centered within an ensemble, it should not overshadow the other garments or more importantly the wearer’s face.

SR: And what, more generally, are your biggest style influences?

CG: A person’s style should be the manifestation of who they are; who they dream to become using their unique attributes and qualities. Your daily experiences, environment, observations, and interactions with people have significant influence over your personal style. Style should allow you to feel happiness and your confidence in your style will begin to garner the admiration of others.

SR: What is the process of putting together a collection like for you? How do you get started, curate, etc.?

DA: We select textures and colors that are striking but harmonious with the season in mind. We tend to keep large-scale patterns to a minimum when designing neckwear. Though a tie is centered within an ensemble, it should not overshadow the other garments or more importantly the wearer’s face. Finally, the curation comes as we determine the utility of each individual garment.

SR: If a customer could only own one tie, what would you recommend?

DA: The seven-fold formal tie. If a gentleman is to only own one tie, this should surely be it. It is elegant, timeless, and versatile. Its value cannot be measured.

I believe men should learn to fuse their passion with their business; utility. A man’s clothing is much more significant than most believe.

SR: If they could have a wardrobe of three?

DA: The aforementioned formal tie, the indigo raw silk as a workhorse, and our grey Italian wool glen plaid that will be available again with our upcoming fall collection. These pieces will ensure a man to be dressed well in a variety of circumstances.

SR: Anything you see guys do with ties these days that drives you crazy?

CG: The modern gentleman’s understanding of a Windsor knot. In an attempt to create an unnecessary “fat” knot, men will allow the end of their tie to drape a mile short their trouser belt.

SR: What do you think of the trend right now of guys dressing up because they want to, not because they have to?

CG: I believe men should learn to fuse their passion with their business; utility. A man’s clothing is much more significant than most believe. Because as it has been said, “your face and your hands are the only parts of you people can see.” Therefore, a man should always “dress up.”

SR: What can we expect to see from Marshall Anthony in the near future? Further down the line?

CG: Marshall Anthony is in the process of becoming a complete luxury clothier. We are building a brand that gentlemen will feel connected to for many years to come. We have much in store for the modern gentleman.

Ok, so now for my thoughts on the ties themselves. Caron sent me the emerald green raw silk, which is just beautiful. Just like Derek was when reviewing Marshall Anthony for Put This On, I was a little skeptical of a new neckwear brand. But, also like Derek, I was pleasantly surprised.

The tie is very nice quality, the color striations in the silk add a nice effect, and it ties up beautifully. The 3 1/4″ width is good for most people, if a little on the slim side. I generally won’t wear ties any slimmer than this, but especially in the raw silk it works nicely.

So, in conclusion, good ties made by good people. Can’t ask for much more than that.


  1. Grant Harris
    May 23, 2012

    Met these guys awhile back. Have some of their product. Glad to see they’re doing well. Keep up the good work.

  2. Benn
    May 30, 2012

    Being a man of smaller stature like myself, how do you compensate for ties that are too long?

    • Stephen
      May 30, 2012

      I just tie them so the front blade is the right length and let the back do its thing. Some people think it is an affected style, but in my case it’s simple necessity.

  3. Rashon Carraway
    June 2, 2012

    I have a tie by them and am ordering another. Both are sartorial greats in our generations.

    Rashon Carraway


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