Lifting Your Lenses

Posted by: on Mar 12, 2010 | One Comment

For this Spring, the ever-stylish team at Oliver Peoples has re-released the old flip-up sunglasses that clip onto their normal Riley frames (which I happen to not-so-coincidentally wear). Very retro, a little affected, and a lot of fun. I think Elijah Wood carries them off nicely here, albeit in a way which many cannot.

This does though raise a larger discussion than that of flippable eyewear. Retro touches like this can be a great way to add variety and individuality to one’s look and wardrobe, but balance, as always, seems to be key here. I personally would love to wear these shades, but think it might be a bit over the top for me. It is important to know one’s boundaries, and to stretch them while maintaining the appearance that your clothes are actually yours and that the style is yours as well. If you look in the mirror and worry someone might thing you are on your way to a costume party, best leave something at home. On second thought…maybe I do need to call up my optometrist, as long as I leave the bowties, cravats, and saddle shoes at home…

Along with the image shown above, there is a wonderful video campaign that you can check out here on Oliver Peoples’ website, featuring not just these sunglasses but also indoor golf, awkward dancing, rosé champagne, and oh yeah…other interesting glasses available from Oliver Peoples this spring.

1 Comment

  1. Tom
    March 12, 2010

    Eh. I can never get into flip-ups. Clip-ons all the way, I say!


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