Gift Guide 2011 – $100 and Up

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Well we made it.  Friday.  Monday I suggestion sub-$50 gifts and Wednesday we kept it under $100.  Today I’ll give you a range of things, from just over $100 to the sort of stuff that’s only for someone really, and I mean really, special.  Happy Holidays.

If you think ties make boring gifts, you’re buying (or worse, receiving) the wrong ties.  This fall saw the release of a number of great swathes of silk and wool to wrap around your neck.  It’s hard to give any set suggestions, but my three favorite makers – Drakes, Finickey, and Panta –  each have something unique to offer.  Drakes of course has their legendary Ancient Madder silks as well as some jacquard paisleys up their sleeves this season.  No one beats Finickey for classic stripes and great color combinations.  And if you want a discreetly luxurious unlined cashmere tie, Panta‘s your best bet.

Now we’re starting to really step things up.  There are bags, and then there are bags.  The Armoury’s collaboration with Ro Bags is drool-worthy all around.  My favorite of the bunch though is the medium briefcase in cognac.  Sure it’s an investment, but it will only get better with time.  And if you’re ordering it, probably get a copy of the O’Mast DVD to tuck inside for the lucky recipient while you’re at it.

No matter how much time you spend on your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, etc., everyone needs a good pen.  Now you can go the typical Mont Blanc route, they’re perfectly good pens, but there are a few brands that I think present better value and a more interesting product.  My Waterman has given me years of good service and shows no signs of slowing.  Their Hemisphere make a great first pen and their Exception is just that, exceptional.  Graf von Faber-Castell makes some stellar pens, as does Dunhill, despite their being a “lifestyle brand.”  Fountain is always my preference to rollerball, but think twice before buying one for a lefty – they’ll just end up with dirty hands.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

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  1. Naples or London?
    December 9, 2011


    Just found your blog today – a great resource! Might I suggest some other alternatives for fountain pens? Pelikan or Smythson are both fantastic. Keep up the good work and seasons greetings



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