Gift Guide 2011 – $50 and Under

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Everyone’s doing it.  So I’ll put in my two cents for what you can get the other stylish gents in your life this holiday season.  Or what you can ask for.  We’ll start off with gifts under $50 (they do exist), check out sub-$100 on Wednesday, and pull out all the stops on Friday.

Books are always good gifts.  They tend to be affordable, but a slightly pricier book is one of those things we might love to have but won’t spring for ourselves.  So perfect gift-giving fodder, right?  Maybe this is too predictable, but Bruce Boyer’s Gary Cooper: Enduring Style, the Anderson & Sheppard book A Style is Born, or the now-oldie-but-goodie Savile Row by the inimitable James Sherwood are all reliable choices.  And on Amazon they all come in under fifty bones.

To continue with stuff you might not spring for yourself, a great travel umbrella is essential.  I have a James Smith and Sons full stick umbrella I brought back from my first big trip to London and sadly I find myself grabbing my travel brolly more often than not.  Fifty dollars might seem a lot for something you can grab for less than a $5 bill down at CVS, but this one from Paul Stuart won’t turn inside out in the slightest wind, looks decent sticking out of your bag, and will give you incentive not to forget it at the restaurant.  They also make a slightly longer version with a round handle and wider canopy only available in stores if you’re interested.

Single malt can get expensive.  But there are more than a few really stellar values out there if you’re willing to look past the usual labels.  AnCnoc 12 for the person who likes a lighter Speyside whisky, Spingbank 10 for the guy who likes a really complex savory dram, and the Bunnahabhain 12 can be refreshing for peat-lovers who are used to peat meaning heft.  If you want to know what to get me, one of each should do the trick.

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