Breakfast Club

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Living in St. Louis and Austin for the majority of the time, it is far too hot to eat outdoors most of the year. Call me fussy, but sitting on the porch and sweating into my food is just not appealing. Yesterday morning though I had the pleasure of a leisurely breakfast on the sidewalk with come good company, and must say I need to do this more often.

I’m not exactly what you would call a morning person, and tend to prefer a light breakfast of pastry or some oatmeal with juice and coffee (not quite as lovely as the one above though). Just enough to get me through to lunch, light on my stomach, and with enough caffeine and sugar to give me a nice jumpstart. This whole business of eggs, bacon, toast, &c., &c. is all good and fine once in a while, but I find it quite exhausting rather than invigorating, and my waistline seems to agree.

In high school I think I ate breakfast sitting down maybe half a dozen times, and my first years at university it wasn’t any better…a breakfast bar or banana on the way out the door. But a few months ago I decided to make time in the morning to sit (outside when weather permits) and have a proper breakfast. It is a nice, sensible pause at the beginning of the day. Time is one of the most valuable things we have nowadays, and I try to begin each day with a little for myself.

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