Bond for Breakfast

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One of my all-time favorite breakfasts has got to be “Eggs James Bond.”  The original Fleming recipe though is for 4 people, and I have found over time that simply reducing his approximates doesn’t always yield the best results. So, below is my recipe for one:

First, head a small pan on low heat, just barely hotter than it needs to be to melt butter.  Whisk together three eggs, and make sure they are as combined as you can get them.  Any lumps of yolk or white will only ruin the silky effect.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.  I personally like mine to be more creamy than peppery, but to each their own.

Once your pan is hot, put in about an ounce of butter, and allow it to melt before adding the whipped eggs.  Continue whisking gently in the pan to avoid any large clumps from forming, and as soon as they begin to come together, pull off the heat and add another small bit of butter.  Again, this is to taste, but if you add another whole ounce you won’t really taste the eggs at all.  Along with the butter throw some finely diced chives into the mix, and whisk until combined and the eggs are just set.  You want them creamy, not runny.

Plate them up with some hearty brown toast and a glass of bubbles if you’re feeling festive.  Most mornings though coffee and orange juice suffice just fine.

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