An Elegant Remedy

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It’s allergy season again.  The worst part of the year.  It’s too hot to cozy up like one wants to when sick, and the sneezes and sniffles put such a damper on picnic revelry. Some people swear by the hot toddy as a remedy, but I find that when my head is all stopped up the alcohol doesn’t help.  Plus, I want something I can drink over a period of time to keep things opened up.  Not something I have to down in one go.  Tea is great, but at a certain hour I need to switch to something less caffeinated so I can sleep.  So here is my own recipe:

Simply Refined Herbal Tonic

Put in your teapot:

-Half a large lemon’s peel
-Teaspoon or two of rosemary
-Teaspoon Honey
-Two Ricola Natural Herb cough drops

Pour in boiling water.  Either remove strainer-basket or fish out lemon peel after 5-10 minutes to keep it from turning bitter.  The dissolved Ricola are the key.  They are both herbal and mentholated, so they really give the tonic its kick.  Enjoy, repeat, feel better.

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